Hunters Hill Medical Practice is generally a private billing practice. All billing is at the discretion of the consulting doctor.

Fees and charges vary according to the level of consultation. Fees as of November 2018 are:

Consultations In Rooms  
Level A (Minor)  $50
Level B (Child/Discount Rate)  $80
Level B (Standard Consultation)  $97
Level C (Complex)  $160
Level D (Comprehensive) $200
Other Fees  
Home Visit $200

We ask that all accounts are paid at the time of consultation. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Cash and Eftpos.

The fee charged for a consultation is dependent on the level of complexity involved in the appointment, not necessarily the time taken. There may also be further or varied charges for other items, such as Procedures, Mental Health Care Plans, Insurance Medicals and Vaccinations. All charges are in line with AMA recommendations. If you are unsure about any potential charges, please speak to the Receptionist when making an appointment or the doctor during your consultation.

If you anticipate difficulty paying your fees, please remember to discuss this with the doctor during your appointment. We also may provide bulk-billing for Aged Pensioners and Veterans, upon presentation of a valid entitlement card, although still at the discretion of the consulting doctor.


Our Practice uses Medicare Online, which allows us to transmit your rebate claim to Medicare, who will then deposit the funds into your nominated bank account on their records. This service is only available at the time of consultation.