General Medical Practice

At Hunters Hill Medical Practice, we are focused on providing excellence in general medical care for our patients.

Our doctors provide experienced, modern medical assessment and treatment without forgetting the values of compassion and tradition that are so important in our community.

Most patients are seen in our bright and spacious Consulting Rooms, located at 6 Ryde Road, Hunters Hill. From this location we offer a range of medical services.

Doctors Consultations

All of our doctors consultations are by appointment, excepting emergencies. We have a range of male and female doctors, many with specialist interests available everyday. To make an appointment with the doctor of your choice, simply call 9817 2080. If your usual doctor is not available that day, feel free to see any doctor in the practice, or book ahead for your preferred doctor's next session.

Consultation Hours

A standard consultation is generally 15 minutes. If you feel you will need longer, or have several issues you wish to discuss, we would advise booking a longer appointment, so the doctor has sufficient time to thoroughly deal with all your concerns. We also require longer appointments for full health checks and some procedures. If you are unsure how much time you will need to book, just have a quick chat to our friendly Reception staff who will be able to advise you.

New Patients - Our doctors are always happy to take on new patients. We would ask that patients who are new to the Practice arrive five minutes before their scheduled appointment in order to complete the necessary paperwork or you can download the form below and bring it with you for your first appointment.

  New Patient Form - Adult                           New Patient Form - Child

Nursing Staff and Treatment Room

We have a state-of-the-art Treatment Room on site, staffed by an experienced team of nurses. With our nurses on duty, we can provide a range of ancillary services for our patients including wound dressings, Senior Health Assessments, Childhood Assessments, Blood Tests, ECGs, Spirometry, adminstration of vaccinations as well as a wide range of nursing care.


In addition, HHMP can provide a certain level of emergency and triage care. We have the facilities to assess and treat a number of injuries and non serious emergency situations. Please inform Reception immediately if you need urgent attention or if you believe your situation may be an emergency.

However, we always advise that patients with a serious injury or emergency should request Ambulance services by calling 000 immediately.

Pathology Services

We have onsite Pathology services, provided by Douglas Hanly Moir, that are available from:

Monday to Friday 7:30am - 3:00pm
Saturday 8:00am - 11:00am

Please remember to bring your referral.


Vaccinations for children and for overseas travel are available every day.

For travel vaccinations please make an appointment with your doctor at least a month prior to your departure to any tropical or third world country.


Home Visits

We provide Home Visits to existing patients and visits may be requested by calling the surgery. While our doctors will do their best to accomodate such requests, it will not always be possible for your doctor of choice to visit.

After hours home visits may be arranged by calling our deputising service.

Home visits do attract a higher consultation fee.

After Hours Doctors

Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Several of our doctors attend local Nursing Homes and private hospitals, including Longueville Hospital and the Montefiore Nursing Home. If you would like more information about these services, please contact the surgery. 

Phone calls, Referrals and other Information requests

Doctors will answer all phonecalls in a timely manner. Patients calling in should be aware that priority is given to the patients attending the surgery, except in emergencies. If your call is an emergency, please inform the Receptionist immediately.

Referrals to specialists or other services generally requires an appointment with your doctor. Please book an appointment at least one day in advance of your specialist appointment.

Recalls and Reminders

This practice uses a 'Recall and Reminder' system to provide preventative care for our patients.

The reminder system may include checks to help in the prevention, early detection of certain conditions and immunisation follow-up. In some cases, the reminders can also be sent from other places, eg. the Pap Smear Register.

Please discuss any concerns with your doctor.