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HHMP vaccine clinic for COVID-19 Phase 1b vaccination for eligible patients expected to start from Wednesday 24th March 2021

Thank you for checking this section of our website. You have arrived to the best location to stay up to date with the HHMP COVID-19 vaccine rollout. Here you will get the latest information about our progress with the COVID-19 vaccine, eligibility requirements and information about how to book your appointment. Please continue reading below.

General vaccine clinic information

Hunters Hill Medical Practice has been selected to start vaccinating from the very first week of the Phase 1b rollout.

Due to the limited amount of government COVID-19 vaccine stock, HHMP has only been allocated 80 doses for the first week. This is much less than we requested / expected.

The limited numbers will mean a very slow start to the vaccine program with patients unable to ring or book online due to the limited stock.

Week 1 patients are those most at risk eg: 90+ years, on chemotherapy or organ transplants etc and will be individually contacted and booked by our staff.

We expect our first day of vaccination to be Wednesday the 24th of March.

We appreciate your patience and continued review of this website rather than calling our staff. Here you will be get more information and resources than can be delivered by a phone call.

A vaccine clinic is not a normal consult! 

You will only be able to get vaccinated with a pre-booked appointment at the HHMP vaccination clinic. Due to the vaccine being delivered in multi-dose vials, your usual GP will not have access to the COVID-19 vaccine in their rooms.

HHMP will be running vaccination clinics for both COVID-19 and influenza simultaneously. By their nature, vaccine clinics are about safely vaccinating the highest number of people as quickly as possible. These clinics are for those who are ready for vaccination; to check their eligibility and get vaccinated safely.

Vaccine clinics are not for long discussions about vaccination generally or specific new media report or repeat scripts or quick referrals etc. If you are unsure about your readiness to be vaccinated, we understand that and believe you should have your questions fully answered by the doctor you most trust.  If you have questions about either the COVID-19 or influenza vaccines, please make an appointment to see your usual GP at HHMP or elsewhere. After all your questions are addressed, we welcome you to book into our vaccine clinic.

The following can not be accommodated at the vaccine clinic

  • vaccination for both COVID-19 and Influenza on the same day
  • vaccination in the car due to the need for monitoring and safety
  • vaccination in the GP room due to the vaccine being in multi-dose vials
  • vaccination for those who do not meet current eligibility criteria
  • vaccination for new patients without a health summary from their usual GP
  • medical certificates (you will be given a card to indicate attendance)
  • scripts
  • referrals
  • messages to your doctor for scripts or referrals
  • home visits for COVID-19 vaccination

Thank you for reading all of this. Please keep an eye on this website for more information coming soon. Instead of calling our reception, please check this blog or our COVID-19 page often for the latest and most accurate information.

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