HHMP is open and vaccinations available 

With the recent increase of COVID-19 cases in Sydney, the NSW government has tightened the lockdown considerably.  HHMP remains open throughout the lockdown and continues to vaccinate close to 100 people per day. 

Hunters Hill Medical Practice as an essential service will remain open throughout the lockdown. We have a COVID-19 safety plan, will be enforcing strict social distancing and the wearing of masks. Our staff will redouble their efforts at patient screening and clinic cleaning.

We remain open for both in-person and telehealth consults. While telehealth consults can be useful and avoid unnecessary travel and exposure, we recognise the need to remain open for patients and conditions that need to be assessed in person. Our ability to remain open depends on cooperation between staff and patients.

Drs and Nurses at HHMP will see patients in-person as long as it is safe for all. As such patients with respiratory symptoms will be seen in their cars or in the isolation room. If you have respiratory symptoms, please do not enter the practice, rather remain in your car and call us when you arrive. Also if you are concerned about waiting in the waiting room, you are welcome to wait outside or in your car and we will call you in when it is your appointment. 

Things you can do with regards to bookings and presenting for consultation:

  • Book online or by phone
  • Bring and wear a mask if coming to the practice
  • Please do not enter the practice if you have any respiratory symptoms
  • If symptomatic, please stay in your car and call the practice
  • Please follow instructions of staff

COVID-19 Vaccine: NSW health requests 2nd shot at 6 weeks

Vaccination remains an important way to protect yourself and the community against COVID-19 and Flu. HHMP has performed over 2000 vaccination so far for COVID-19.

Many patients have received their first COVID-19 shot and are waiting for their second at the 12 week interval. In her latest update, NSW CHO Kerry Chant recommended bringing the second shot forward to as early as 6 weeks (instead of the ideal 12). By bringing the 2nd shot forward to 6 weeks, people are sacrificing some efficacy for earlier protection. Having 2 doses has been shown to be important when dealing with the Delta-variant. 

The risk of blood clots with the AZ vaccine is very much lower with the second dose than with the first dose. As such, if you have already had your first dose, it is in your interest to get your second dose. If you would like to bring your second vaccination earlier please book an appointment in our vaccine clinic using the Book Now button on the top of this page or by calling up on 9817 2080. Please remember to cancel your previous appointment for the 12 week mark. 

HHMP is COVID-Safe and is asking all patients and visitors to wear masks 

As a practice taking steps to reduce the risk for patients and staff is just part of what we do and documented in our COVID-Safety plan. Such steps include:

  • Screening patients over the phone and online to make sure symptomatic patients are not seen inside the practice, but rather via telehealth, in their cars or in our isolation room.
  • Abundant hand sanitiser
  • Setting up the waiting room with appropriate distancing
  • Cleaning multiple times during the day (above and beyond after-hours cleaning)
  • Wearing masks

All staff and patients need to check in to the practice using the Service NSW QR code. Multiple such codes are available at each entry of the practice. Please make sure you check in. We need the assistance of all patients and visitors to wear masks. We would appreciate if you were to bring your own mask with you and wear it before entering the practice. If you do not have a mask, please ask at reception and a disposable mask will be given to you. We all need to be involved in reducing the risk of community transmission.

We thank you all for your cooperation and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions.  

Things we can all do:

  • Excellent hand hygiene (washing hands with soap or using hand sanitiser)
  • Maintain appropriate distancing (at least 1.5 meters)
  • Wear a face mask, especially if you cannot appropriately distance
  • Do not go to work or send children to school if anyone has any symptoms
  • Get tested for COVID-19 if you have any symptoms or had contact with a positive case
  • Self-isolate and seek advice if you are unsure
  • Do not visit aged care facilities if you have the slightest doubt about symptoms or exposure
  • Please advise us if you are presenting for an appointment and have recently been to or had contact with someone from the Northern Beaches

We can minimise local COVID-19 transmission by doing the right thing. As a result, it is important to be especially vigilant for symptoms and get tested ASAP. There are many local testing options, including government COVID-19 clinics, local hospitals, private pathology providers and at HHMP. 

For More COVID-19 Information 

NSW health has an excellent COVID-19 website with all the information in one place and links to further information. Please use this and other reputable government websites to get your information rather than news media or just random blogs (excluding this one! ;-)). The links below are for the most useful sections for patients:


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