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Dr Dennis Grinius retires – update September 2021


Dr Dennis Grinius from Bornonia Park Medical Practice, has unfortunately had to retire from General Practice.  Since the announcement of his retirement, the response form patients and colleagues alike has been overwhelming. Dr Dennis Grinius has entrusted the care of his patients to the HHMP team and we have received many well-wishes, gifts, calls and messages from his loyal patients. We have passed all of these on to his wife Stephanie who has kindly provided the update below to keep all his loyal patients up to date.

An update Letter from Stephanie Grinius, on Behalf of Dr Dennis Grinius to all his wonderful patients.


To all the wonderful patients who have inquired about Dennis, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The response has been truly overwhelming and humbling to see that Dennis has touched so many lives. Your response has brought us much joy and laughs in this difficult time. Thank you to all you wonderful people.

A few months ago, Dennis was suddenly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He coped with his diagnosis with good grace, continued to work while having treatment and was generally doing really well. Unfortunately, he then suffered a stroke and thus needed to be hospitalised. While the stroke did not affect his ability to move, walk and talk, it has unfortunately affected the parts of the brain that help with memory and language. To all who knew him, Dennis was a prolific writer, a hungry reader and a great story teller and the stroke has slowed him down somewhat.

Unfortunately, he will not be able to practice Medicine again and when we discuss the topic he frowns, obviously thinking about all the wonderful patients he has. I tell him that the HHMP team is looking after just about every, single one of them and he says ‘that’s great’. Plain and simple words.

To the HHMP team, thank you for your special tribute to my husband, Dr Dennis Grinius and for publishing the letter from him to his patients. I was gobsmacked with the enormous and urgent tasks that were involved in making sure the patients had somewhere to go and their care was not compromised.

It required the coordination of so many people, IT teams, telcos, etc, which I could not have done on my own. I cannot give enough praise to Dr Badr, the medical director at HHMP and Katrina, his practice manager. I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart for taking all the stress and workload away from me so I can spend time with Dennis. 

What does the future hold? We just don’t know. Both the cancer and the stroke are very complex. He is home with me now. With daughter Natanya’s help every other day, we are making sure that every day is full of love, love and more love. Thank you to everybody for all the beautiful messages, cards, emails, flowers.  I read every single one to him. And he says “that’s great”. His new favourite phrase.

The team at HHMP have been inundated with requests for updates about Dennis which has been humbling to all involved. I hope the above helps bring everyone up to date. I promise I will update if things change.

 My thank-you and love from Mrs Stephanie and Dr Dennis Grinius. xxxx

Looking after Dr Grinius’ patients

A large part of the appeal for Dr Grinius to partner with HHMP was the seamless continuity of care that could be offered to his patients while remaining in the local area. HHMP doctors and staff have looked after his patients before and are ready to assist you when needed. If you choose to come to HHMP, the staff will transfer your old file from Dr Grinius’ server to our server allowing for continuity of care. If you choose to go to another practice, we can assist you with a file transfer. If you have any questions please call us on 9817 2080.


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