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Dr Dennis Grinius steps back from General Practice due to health issues


Local GP and Boronia Park legend, Dr Dennis Grinius has unfortunately had to step away from general practice due to some significant health issues.  Dr Dennis Grinius cared deeply about his patients and their continued care. As a result, he reached out to HHMP in order to offer his current patients excellent local care and continuity. The staff and doctors at HHMP have great respect for Dr Grinius as a person, a doctor and a colleague. Over the years both practices have cared for patients who usually attend the other. The HHMP will endeavour to do our best during this difficult period. Below is a letter from Dr Dennis Grinius.


A letter from Dr Dennis Grinius

To My Dear Patients,

For those of you who don’t know, I was diagnosed with cancer 6 weeks ago. I have been undergoing treatment and was coping very well up until recently. I am now in hospital and will be for quite a long time. Sadly I have had to stop work at very short notice.

We have been looking into all options for my practice, including trying to secure a locum, a new GP taking-over or only using telehealth but these were not sustainable. So, we approached other local practices to ensure my patients could continue to have excellent care going forward.

I am relieved and happy to let you know that we have reached a co-operative agreement with Hunters Hill Medical Practice (HHMP). Over the years the team at HHMP have diligently looked after my patients whilst I was on holidays. They are happy to be your GP into the future. I have a high level of confidence in their team.

To help me at this difficult time and decrease the administrative burden on my wife, Stephanie, HHMP have also agreed to manage my current patient files. If you choose not to see one of HHMP GP’s, they will arrange to move an electronic copy of your file to another GP for a small fee of $25.

Hunters Hill Medical Practice is a national award-winning practice, offering excellent patient care as well as on-site services. They have over 10 GPs, pathology collection, physiotherapists, psychologists, podiatrists, audiologist, dietician and speech pathology. They also have visiting specialists including paediatricians, gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, respiratory physician, urologist, general surgeon, vascular surgeon, plastic surgeon, orthopaedic surgeon and a colorectal surgeon. They are also doing both Pfizer and AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccinations in their clinic.

HHMP is only 1.5kilometers away from my surgery and are located at 6 Ryde Road, Hunters Hill, right next to the Shell service station. The following doctors are happy to take on new patients:

– Dr Victoria Wilkinson (Female)

– Dr Leo Tam (Male)

– Dr Saranya Gopikirshna (Female)

– Dr Ujvala Rao (Female)

The contact details for HHMP are as follows:

– Phone: 02 9817 2080

– Address: 6 Ryde Road Hunters Hill

– Website:

– Information for Boronia Park Medical Practice patients:

I am leaving general practice much earlier than I intended. It has been my life and I have loved it. I have had the honour of being your GP and friend for such a long time, some since birth. I know I have made the right decision to hand your care over to HHMP.

From the bottom of my heart, I will miss every, single one of you.

Dr Dennis Grinius


Looking after Dr Grinius’ patients

A large part of the appeal for Dr Grinius to partner with HHMP was the seamless continuity of care that could be offered to his patients while remaining in the local area. HHMP doctors and staff have looked after his patients before and are ready to assist you when needed. If you choose to come to HHMP, the staff will transfer your old file from Dr Grinius’ server to our server allowing for continuity of care. If you choose to go to another practice, we can assist you with a file transfer. If you have any questions please call us on 9817 2080.


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