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Dr Grinius retires – health update October 2021

Dr Grinius from Bornonia Park Medical Practice, has unfortunately had to retire from General Practice.  Since the announcement of his retirement, the response form his former patients has been overwhelming and we have received many messages, cards and gifts that we have passed on. We have been especially honoured that, since diagnosis, Dr Grinius and his wife have trusted the HHMP doctors and nurses with his personal medical care. Below is the latest update letter from Stephanie Grinius, wife of Dr Grinius.


A letter from Stephanie Grinius, wife of Dr Grinius

I did promise to an update about Dennis. Sadly, he isn’t well.

While he improved from the stroke, unfortunately not from the cancer. Chemotherapy helped initially but he has since ceased treatment. While physically weak, he is still the beautiful soul that you remember. 

Some of you have run into us at HHMP where we have been attending since diagnosis. We seem to clog up the waiting room with you all wanting to hug and kiss him. We hope to run into more of you each time we go. Margaret, is now working there and it’s special seeing her. Elena is enjoying retirement.

Each and every card, email, message and flowers delivered to HHMP have been diligently passed on to us by Katrina (practice manager). I read him each one. He listens intently and his eyes well as he remembers each of you. He misses what he had with every single one of you. It breaks my heart knowing that what he did best, what he was born to do, had to stop so abruptly. It was a career he never wanted to end.

If I could, I would write to each of you personally to thank you for all the love and kindness. Some of you feel that somehow he might be able to return to practice; unfortunately, he won’t and he has sadly cancelled his medical registration. 

At home, I, along with our family, are giving him all the love and care we can squeeze out of ourselves. He knows that and it comforts him.

Thank you to all of you. I will write again when I can.

With our love,

Stephanie & Dennis Grinius and family- xxx

Looking after patients of Dr Grinius

A large part of the appeal for Dr Grinius to partner with HHMP was the seamless continuity of care that could be offered to his patients while remaining in the local area. HHMP doctors and staff have looked after his patients before and are ready to assist you when needed. If you choose to come to HHMP, the staff will transfer your old file from the Dr Grinius server to our server allowing for continuity of care. If you choose to go to another practice, we can assist you with a file transfer. If you have any questions please call us on 9817 2080.


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