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HHMP Mission and Values

Our Mission

to provide excellent healthcare to our community through a multi-disciplinary practice having general Practice, specialists and allied health all under the one roof. We are a practice that focuses on high quality care, integrates services, priorities continuity and believes in education.


Our Values

Open, honest and respectful:

We believe in being open and inclusive. We respect our colleagues and advocate for our patients. We are honest in words and deeds while understanding that excellent communication requires thoughtfulness with regards to what is said, when it is said and how it is said.

Hearts and minds:

We care about our patients and take a holistic bio-psycho-social approach to their care. We are thoughtful and consider options fully, yet we take decisive and urgent action when needed.

Be better, don’t just be:

Be the change you seek. We improve ourselves and our practice relentlessly, constantly striving for higher standards, better services and excellent patient care. In a fast-evolving landscape, we take personal actions but accept collective responsibility.

More than one “I” in Multidisciplinary:

We not only work as a team within our practice, but also with our colleagues and patients. Our team comes first and this culture binds us in performing serious work without taking ourselves too seriously.

Embracing the future, respecting the past:

We respect over 150 years of history as the oldest General Practice in Australia. A tradition we intend to continue through innovation and education. The sharing of knowledge with patients and medical trainees is fundamental to our success.

We recently created this video to share our values with the wider community. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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