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Mental health affects doctors too

Crazy socks 4 docs day, Friday the 5th of June 2020, arose from the experiences of Dr Geoff Toogood a Melbourne cardiologist who suffered from anxiety and depression. He faced some stigma and discrimination about his condition even in the medical community and upon his recovery decided to bring awareness to mental health. One of the major aims of the awareness is to encourage health professionals to look after each other and to decrease the suicide rate, which is many times higher in the medical community.

Hunters Hill Medical Practice staff believe that the mental health of our community at large and that of our health workforce need to be addressed with the same level of seriousness and empathy that we show towards physical illness. This is especially true in light of COVID-19, where our health workforce has been under tremendous pressure trying to keep the community safe, quickly adapt to change and deal with traumatic situations while trying to decrease the risk to themselves and their families. Hunters Hill Medical Practice doctors, nurses, administration staff and allied health professionals  are wearing crazy socks to try and raise awareness of mental health and raise funds for the Medical Benevolent Association of NSW.

Rudolf stork from On Point Psychology co-located at HHMP said “Mental health conditions affect people of all ages and from all walks of life.  It does not discriminate”.

“Dr Toogood’s small idea has now become a worldwide sensation, with events around the globe, reminding us all to look after each other” said Dr Badr.

Sam Lewis from Hunters Hill Podiatry also co-located at HHMP, cheekily added “It’s a good step in the right direction”.

If you notice a friend or family member has changed their mannerisms, become withdrawn or generally is not themselves, check in on them; ask are you ok? or see Beyond Blue.

For information about local psychology services, please click here.


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