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Hunters Hill Medical Practice hosts medical, nursing and allied health students for their clinical education

Hunters Hill Medical Practice has a long and proud history of supporting medical education. We have been privileged to host many local and international medical and nursing students. Medical education and teaching are part of the HHMP DNA. Having students at the practice is an enriching experience for our patients, our doctors and the students themselves.

In keeping with out multidisciplinary ethos, July saw a host of students from across a range of local and international universities spend time at HHMP to hone their skills and interact with our multidisciplinary team and each other.

Education outside the University

HHMP has recently hosted medical students from:

HHMP has hosted Masters of Nursing students from:

Hunters Hill Podiatry in cooperation with HHMP has hosted Podiatry students from:

Last Monday, the 25th of July students from 4 universities, a medical student from the University of New England, a nursing student from the University of Sydney, a medical student from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and a podiatry student from the University of Newcastle joined the HHMP staff and co-located allied health providers in our Christmas in July celebrations! All 4 students were attending the practice at the same time and at HHMP, students are just part of the team. This presented a great opportunity for the 4 students to spend time together and discuss various aspects of their courses and education. The students often rotate between various HHMP doctors and nurses who share their knowledge and experience with them.

Patients are always given a choice about having or not having a student in the consult. Many patients often find having a student an enlightening experience as the teaching that occurs gives patients new perspectives into their condition and an understanding of how the doctor thinks and comes to a conclusion.

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