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HHMP medical director Dr Charbel Badr spoke at a national webinar about the importance of specialists and GPs working together 

on the 20th of October, Boston Scientific held a national webinar about the impacts of COVIOD-19 and ways to best engage with GPs. Dr Badr was asked to present of the effects of COVID-19 on general practice, the benefits of moving early leading to the successful HHMP response and ways for specialists to better engage with GPs during this time.

Dr Badr covered some simple yet essential points

1.     The impact of the situation and the lack of a recent similar disruption

2.     The importance of early planning and preparation 

3.     The importance of doing the right thing and not following the herd into panic

4.     The need for frequent communication and engagement between, GPs, specialists, allied health and patients.

5.     The benefits of a personal touch be it in person, by phone or teleconference

6.     The focus on the patient and delivering them a quality and ethical experience. 

Dr Badr concluded by reminding the attendees that “what we do / what we need to do” has not changed. We still need to deliver excellent healthcare in an ethical and patient centred way. What has changed as a result of COVID-19 is the “how we do it”, “where we do it from” etc… by looking at it this way, the change is not so huge as to be scary, it is simply a change in the method. Dr Badr encouraged specialists to focus on working together with GPs and allied health for the best possible patient outcomes.


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