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Welcoming Vietnamese Doctors to Australian General Practice

A group of Vietnamese specialist doctors recently visited Australia as part of the Hoc-Mai foundation, a program that aims to strengthen relationships between Australian and Vietnamese healthcare professionals through knowledge exchange and education. As part of the program, the doctors visited Hunters Hill Medical Practice in Sydney to learn about how general practice works and how multidisciplinary services can be incorporated into healthcare.

International doctors visit HHMP

The visit to Hunters Hill Medical Practice was an eye-opening experience for the visiting doctors from Vietnam. They were impressed with the level of care and attention given to patients at the practice, and were eager to learn about how the practice incorporates a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare.

The doctors were able to see first-hand how different healthcare professionals work together at the practice to provide comprehensive care for patients. They learned about how the practice incorporates allied health professionals, such as physiotherapists and dietitians, into the care team to provide a holistic approach to patient care. Nancy Ho, a physiotherapist of Vietnamese descent thrilled the doctors with her flawless Vietnamese and was a clear demonstration of the multicultural mix that is the Australian healthcare workforce.

During their visit, the doctors were able to ask questions and observe how the practice operates on a day-to-day basis. They were impressed with the efficiency of the practice and the level of communication between staff members. The doctors noted that they were able to see how the practice uses technology to streamline processes and improve patient care.

In addition to learning about how general practice works in Australia, the visiting doctors from Vietnam had the opportunity to share their own experiences with the local healthcare staff. Cover morning-tea we discussed the challenges of healthcare delivery in Vietnam, such as limited resources and a shortage of healthcare professionals. They also discussed how they are working to overcome these challenges and improve healthcare delivery in their home country.

The doctors from Vietnam noted that they were grateful for the opportunity to visit Hunters Hill Medical Practice and learn about general practice in Australia. They expressed their appreciation for the warm welcome they received from the staff and for the knowledge and insights they gained during their visit.

The importance of teaching and knowledge exchange

The visit of the specialist doctors from Vietnam highlights the importance of knowledge exchange and education in improving healthcare delivery around the world. Programs like the Hoc-Mai foundation provide valuable opportunities for healthcare professionals to learn from one another, share experiences, and build strong relationships that can lead to improved healthcare outcomes for patients.

The visit also underscores Hunters Hill Medical Practice’s role in education and knowledge exchange. This can occur at the most local level between practice staff during weekly education sessions, but also with medical students, nursing students, other health professionals and now our overseas guests. Learning from each other and teaching colleagues is good for patient care.

Overall, the visit of the specialist doctors from Vietnam to Hunters Hill Medical Practice was a great success. We have missed being able to host our Vietnamese friends over the last few years and look forward to having them visit again later in 2023 or early 2024.

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