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Week 5 update: 50 years or older now have expanded eligibility and HHMP has now administered 500+ COVID-19 vaccines 

We are now in week 5 of the HHMP COVID-19 and flu vaccine clinic. We have given over 500 COVID-19 vaccines and even more flu vaccines. The clinic has been running very well and many patients have commented about how seamless an experience it has been.

The occurrence of blood clots in some patients has dominated recent media about the COVID-19 vaccine. While the risk is low, it is important to understand the risk and be informed. If you are unsure about the risk or COVID-19 vaccination, please book an appointment to see your doctor and discuss.

What are the changes 

Recently National Cabinet has met and changed eligibility criteria for vaccination. Until now eligibility was limited to those over 70 years of age or adults with chronic medical conditions. The recent changes by National Cabinet open up eligibility to all patients 50 years of age or above whether they have a chronic condition or not.

Basically any one 50 years of age or older will soon be able to get a COVID-19 vaccine. From the 17th of May 2021, if you are 50 years of age or older, you can book for a COVID vaccination.

How does this affect me?

If you are above 50 years of age or older you will soon be eligible for COVID vaccination in General Practice from the 17th of May 2021. Those between 50-70 no longer need to have a chronic condition to be eligible.

The issue of COVID-19 vaccine supply persists 

The supply of vaccine remains limited. HHMP is only receiving 100 doses per week.  It is hoped this will improve in time to accommodate for the increased demand when all 50 years or over become eligible.

HHMP will now start to take bookings from those 50 years of age or older to be vaccinated from the 17th of May onwards. As the supply of vaccine increases, proportionately more appointments will become available both online and over the phone. Please continue to check the BOOK NOW button or call us if you are unsure.

We understand your frustration 

HHMP continues to manage appointments as best as we can despite dealing with very large volumes of calls and booking requests. We understand the anxiety about vaccine access and will continue to do our best to improve the supply.

Please continue to check here, our vaccine clinic page and the online booking system for further availabilities which will be opened as supply improves. In the meantime, please consider booking your Flu vaccine.

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