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627 COVID-19 vaccine shots in just 1 week

In light of the growing numbers in Sydney’s latest COVID-19 outbreak, Hunters Hill Medical Practice has ramped up our COVID-19 vaccination clinics to help with the national vaccination program. We have been averaging 100-150 vaccines per day and we did 627 vaccines in our biggest week so far. This is an huge effort and has required much preparation and long hours by the whole team.

We have been offering both the AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines for some time now. Usually we offer, AstraZeneca on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Pfizer vaccination occurs on Wednesday, Friday and some Saturdays.

Despite unlimited availability, we have recently noticed a decrease in demand for the AstraZeneca vaccine even amongst over 60 year olds. Pfizer supply remains limited and this has restricted our capacity to book more patients for their Pfizer vaccination. We expect Pfizer supply to improve in October at which time we will be able to offer more Pfizer vaccine slots for patients. In the meantime please be patient and potentially consider an AstraZeneca vaccination which can usually occur within a day or two!


Latest advice

The latest ATAGI advice indicates that vaccination, with any vaccine is recommended unless contraindications exist. This means that those who are as yet unvaccinated, are recommended to get vaccinated with the vaccine available to them (usually AstraZeneca) rather than waiting for another vaccine (eg: Pfizer or Moderna).

Information about preparing for your COIV-19 vaccine is available here, and the latest clinical guidelines, here.


HHMP COVID-19 vaccine Clinic

The HHMP vaccine clinic is the mainstay of the HHMP COVID-19 vaccine program. The clinic operates 5.5 days per week, Monday to Friday and some Saturday sessions.

Ready to get vaccinated? AstraZeneca vaccines can be booked online via the Book-Now button on our webpage. Pfizer vaccines need to be booked by phone on 9817 2080.

Please continue to wear masks, social distance, get tested and isolate if appropriate. Stay Safe.

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