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Dr Andrew Bowes retired on 31/01/2024 after  40 years as a GP at HHMP

After 40 years working as a local GP in the hunters hill community, the 31st of January 2024 was Dr Andrew Bowes’ last day. 40 years working in the same community, looking after the same patients is an amazing achievement and many of his patients turned out for an afternoon tea and a chat. It was a huge event which shows the high regard that Dr Bowes and HHMP are held in the community.

Dr Bowes spoke at the event about his early days at HHMP and how the practice has changed and grown, now offering patients a myriad of services in their local community. This brings trusted specialist and allied health services to the patients and ensures better teamwork and communication between all the different health professions involved.

Dr Bowes has always championed medical student and registrar education. Many of the team at HHMP have benefited from this. This commitment to education is part of HHMP and will certainly continue.

Before he retired, Dr Bowes was involved in the selection of new doctors to join HHMP and look after his patients. Many patients have been handed over to these doctors and this will ensure excellent continuity of care. The HHMP team is keen to continue to look after patients of Dr Bowes and our reception and nursing team are available to help patients select a GP that will continue to meet their needs.

We wish Dr Bowes all the best for the next chapter of his life.

Patient care after Dr Andrew Bowes retires

We know that the HHMP staff and patients will miss Dr Andrew Bowes a great deal. This decision has been some time coming and we have been planning for such a large loss. In order to make the process smooth for patients multiple new male and female GPs have joined the practice and have received handover from Dr Bowes to ensure a seamless patient experience.

For more information about the other doctors at HHMP who will help to continue to look after Dr Bowes’ patients, please click here.

If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us 9817 2080.


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