Consultation Fee increases to begin 1 July 2022

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Consultation Fee Increases at HHMP from 1 July 2022

From the 1st of July 2022, the fees for most consultation types at HHMP will be increasing.

We have kept our fee increase to about 5% for most items. This is despite the fact that over the last last few years costs have increased significantly and in the case of some items by over 50%. Such increases have been widely flagged in the media and are the result of the increased costs over the last few years and the fact that the Medicare rebate has failed to keep up with the true costs of providing quality services.

HHMP has always focused on quality of care and providing patients with the time they need to properly address their concerns.  It is impossible to provide a quality service with a focus on medical excellence without charging a gap. That said, the staff and doctors at HHMP endeavour to assist those in need with reduced fees or bulk billing for select patients on a case by case basis.


Fees for the most common consultation types 


Level A

Short Consultation

Usually under 6 minutes


Rebate $17.90

Gap $42.10

Level B – Adult

Regular Consultation

Usually under 20 minutes


Rebate $39.10

Gap $65.90

Level B – Child

Regular Consultation

Usually under 20 minutes


Rebate $39.10

Gap $50.90

Level C – Adult

Long Consultation

Usually over 20 minutes


Rebate $75.75

Gap $99.25

Level C – Child

Long Consultation

Usually over 20 minutes


Rebate $75.75

Gap $64.25

Level D

Complex Consultation

Usually over 40 minutes


Rebate $111.50

Gap $118.50

Home Visit

For 1 patient, a lower fee for subsequent patients

Rebate depends on consultation type


Rebate $66-103

Gap $147-184


The above are the most common consultation types only. Fees vary depending on several factors, including, but not limited to, consultation time, complexity and procedure type. Procedures may attract significantly higher fees but will usually also attract higher rebates.

Bulk-billing is available for some Health Care Card Holders on a case-by-case basis and DVA patients. All billing is at doctor’s discretion.

Payment is requested at the time of consultation please.


Do you have any questions

If you have general questions about billings please speak to our reception team. Specific issues should be discussed with your doctor. Please call us on 02 9817 2080.

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