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1 Week on: HHMP Flu and COVID-19 vaccine clinic 

We are now 1 week on from the start of the HHMP COVID-19 vaccine clinic. We had received 80 doses from the government program and they have now all gone into the arms of phase 1b eligible patients.

The response from patients has been fantastic. Generally a cooperative atmosphere prevailed with everyone working together to achieve excellent patient flows and timely vaccination.

The Influenza / Flu vaccine is here 

The flu vaccine has now arrived and will be used to vaccinate those patients who are not as yet due for their COVID-19 vaccine or those who are at least 2 weeks after their COVID-19 vaccine.

The Influenza / Flu vaccine is partially government funded and free for:

  • patients under 5 years of age
  • pregnant women
  • patients with chronic medical conditions
  • Patients over 65 years old

For everyone else the private flu vaccine will cost $30.

The Plan for the week ahead 

The next few weeks are short weeks due to the Good Friday and Easter Monday public holidays. This means that we will be vaccinating for both COVID-19 and Influenza (Flu) vaccines.

For COVID-19 vaccine clinic appointments, please use the government phase 1b eligibility checker and BOOK ONLINE. Please download and complete the new patient form and the consent form from our vaccine clinic page. COVID-19 vaccination is free.

Those who do not meet phase 1b criteria, please keep an eye on this website to see when new vaccination phases start.

Flu vaccination for anyone can also be booked online. Please click the BOOK NOW button and then click General Practice. From there complete questions until you pick Flu Vaccination Clinic as the practitioner. If you have recently had the COVID-19 vaccine, please make sure that your flu vaccine appointment is at least 2 weeks from that date.

You do not need to book both COVID-19 appointments and the your flu appointment. Simply book your first appointment and the nurses at the vaccine clinic will organise the next 2 appointments for you.

At the COVID-19 vaccine clinic 

Vaccination will not occur on the ground floor GP area, but rather on the first floor at the COVID-19 vaccine clinic. Stairs from Ryde Road and a lift from the Ryde Road side of the practice are available to the vaccine clinic. All entrances will be signposted in due course; Orange for COVID-19 and Yellow for Flu.  There will be no need to attend downstairs at all, simply go upstairs and follow the signs to the Vaccination Hub.

At the vaccination hub you will be greeted by our vaccine clinic administrator who will make sure all your paperwork is ready. She will then direct you to a waiting area to wait for our nurses. Consent and vaccination will occur in a private room before your follow-up appointments are made and you are directed to a post-vaccination waiting area.

After your vaccination 

The post vaccine wait will initially usually be 15 minutes or 30mins for those at higher risk of reactions. Your nurse will set a timer for you and during your post-vaccine wait time you will not be able to leave the vaccine hub due to the need for monitoring. Information will be available in multiple locations around the COVID-19 vaccine clinic about side effects and symptoms you need to monitor.

When your wait time is finished, you will be given your vaccine card and appointments for any further doses. We expect the whole process to take under 1 hour. You are then welcome to go home after collecting one of our post-vaccination information sheets.

We look forward to looking after you at HHMP.

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