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Celebrating every nurse: New artwork for our treatment room

Nursing room

Banksy: nurses as heroes

If there was a time to celebrate the work that nurses do each and every day then 2021 is the year! In the middle of the pandemic, the work of all health professionals and especially the nursing profession has been exemplary.

A Nurse as a “Game Changer”

This week the HHMP nurses (and doctors) achieved a new HHMP vaccination record of 576 COVID-19 vaccines in a single week. Well over 100 vaccines per day. To celebrate this milestone and our nurses generally we installed a print of the Banksy artwork “Game Changer”. This was first installed in a Southampton Hospital to celebrate the work of healthcare staff during the pandemic. It was later sold at auction and raised 14.4 million Pounds for the British NHS (National Health System).

The work is a mostly in black and white and shows a boy playing with his toys. He has discarded Batman and Spiderman in a waste basket to play with the nurse who is wearing a cape and has a red cross on her uniform; this is the only colour in the picture. The picture delivers a strong message that is appropriate for our time. It has been very well received by the HHMP staff and especially the nurses.

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