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Thank you to nurses Worldwide!


Thank you to our nurses

If there was a time to celebrate the work that nurses do each and every day then 2020 and 2021 are the perfect time to do this. In the middle of the pandemic, the work of all health professionals and especially nurses has been exemplary.

Today, May 12, is the anniversary of the the birth of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. It is the day that the International Council of Nurses uses each year to celebrate the profession everywhere.

HHMP Celebrates our Nurses 

At HHMP we are very proud of our nurses and the work they do each and every day. They make the practice a more welcoming place and make it run so much better. They provide the absolute best service to our patients. Recently we have needed to run a COVID-19 and flu vaccination clinic concurrently, so every HHMP nurse stepped up in their usual no-fuss way.

Dr Keane commented about the value that practice nursing brings to our practice and how useful the treatment room is. Patients always appreciate the one to one attention and care they get from their nurse. Long term patients such as those for dressings and INRs develop very close bonds with the nurse looking after them.

Our head nurse Dee recently retired and will be missed by all. She has trained a fantastic team who have already stepped up to fill her big (little) shoes! Many thanks to Gabby, Issy, Charlotte, Linda and Tess (currently on maternity leave). We also miss our former MoleMap nurse Inga. HHMP would not be the same without the commitment and patient care that each nurse brings to their job.

To the nursing profession everywhere, we appreciate your good work and please keep it up during these tough times.

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