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On The Day Appointments Now Available at HHMP


With so many new doctors joining the HHMP team, we can now offer on the day appointments with a doctor or a nurse for most patients and most medical conditions.

While some of the longstanding doctors at HHMP may be booked up, many of the more recent additions to the doctors at HHMP can see you on the day. These doctors can always liaise with your usual doctor for more information if needed.  When seeing a patient of Dr Andrew Bowes (who retired at the end of Januray 2024), all doctors working from HHMP can access the previous notes recorded by Dr Bowes.

Doctors who usually have on the day availability include:

Dr Chris Lam

Dr Geoff Ye

Dr Lilijana Gorringe

Dr Sophia Song

Dr Brendan Xu


Making an appointment

To make an appointment with any of the doctors working from HHMP

  1. Click on the book now button above
  2. Download the AMS connect App
    1. Apple devices click
    2. Android devices click
  3. Call 02 9817 2080.

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