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Vaccine update –  Pfizer is available at HHMP for all patients 12+ including patients over 60 years of age


The latest advice

On Wednesday 30 September, it was announced that the Pfizer vaccine supply is now stable enough to allow for it to be available for all patients from 12 years and over. For the first time in this vaccine rollout this includes the Pfizer vaccine being available to patients above 60 years of age even without medical exemption. Until Wednesday, those over 60 years were only eligible for the AstraZeneca vaccine but this is no longer the case.


The full government handout about the Pfizer vaccine is available here, but the most common side effects after COVID-19 Pfizer Vaccine include:

• pain or swelling at the injection site

• tiredness

• headache

• muscle pain

• fever and chills

• joint pain.

Less common side include:

• redness at the injection site

• nausea

• enlarged lymph nodes

• feeling unwell

• pain in limb

• insomnia

• itching at the injection site.


NSW Roadmap

NSW has now released the roadmap for the fully vaccinated. More information can be found here.

Basically freedoms will start once 70% of the eligible population are double vaccinated. These will increase again when the 80% threshold is reached and again at 90%.

HHMP continues to support vaccination for eligible patients without contraindications. For those who are unvaccinated or unsure about vaccination, we would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

How will this work at HHMP

  • Bookings are by using the BOOK NOW link on this page which take you to the HealthEngine booking system or by calling 9817 2080.
  • More information about vaccination and our vaccine clinic is available on our vaccination clinic page.
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