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Flu vaccine 

With all the focus on COIVD-19 vaccination, influenza / flu vaccination has not received as much media attention. It remains much more likely for everyday people to catch influenza than COVID-19. With the decreased travel in 2020 the risk of Influenza was quite low. The 2021 season remains difficult to predict but with increased travel it may mean increased risk. More information is available from NSW Health.

People with the following medical conditions are at greater risk of severe flu:

  • cardiac disease, including cyanotic congenital heart disease, coronary artery disease and congestive heart failure
  • chronic respiratory conditions, including suppurative lung disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and severe asthma
  • other chronic illnesses requiring regular medical follow up or hospitalisation in the previous year, including diabetes mellitus, chronic metabolic diseases, chronic renal failure, and haemoglobinopathies
  • chronic neurological conditions that impact on respiratory function, including multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, and seizure disorders
  • impaired immunity, including HIV, malignancy and chronic steroid use

Even if you are not in a high risk group, vaccination remains your best protection. HHMP has flu vaccinations available for people of all ages, starting from 6 months of age. If you are unsure about flu vaccination, please contact your doctor.

More COVID-19 vaccine appointments available 

Our allocation of COVID-19 vaccine has increased. As such we have opened up more appointments on our online booking system. This will make it easier to find an appointment. So, please continue to check here, our vaccine clinic page and the online booking system (top right hand corner of this page) for further availabilities. Please call us on 9817 2080 if you have any questions.


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